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Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership Executive Committee Meeting

Forest-Based Economic Development and Conservation

Mon May 17th 2021 - From 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

This will be a Virtual Meeting as allowed by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s Executive Order dated March 12, 2020 suspending certain provision of the Open Meeting Law,
G.L. c.30 sec.20.

To join the meeting via Zoom, click:
Phone one-tap mobile, or dial: +1(646)8769923 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 879 6749 1653
Passcode: 857041


  1. Approve minutes from March 29 committee meeting
  2. Letters of support for Forest Legacy program from towns
  3. Discuss committee member ideas for Mission statement/charge for this committee (see bullets below from Hank Art, MTWP Board chair with suggestions for committee work for next few months)
  4. Publicity and outreach for MTWP - what's our message?
    1. website – potential to hire contractor
    2. brochure update
    3. social media
    4. idea to host public event / webinar or forest site walk
  5. Any unanticipated items at time of drafting agenda
  6. Public comment as needed
  7. Adjournment

From Chair Hank Art – Charge to Committees: Create a draft Mission Statement by defining the mission of the Standing Committee in the context of the Shared  Stewardship Agreement and the enabling MA legislation.

  • Review the parts of the 2015 and updated 2016 MTWP Plan that are pertinent to the Committee:
  • Draft additions, deletions, and revisions that will bring the Plan up to date and into compliance with the MA enabling legislation – which can be found at this link:
  • Identify projects and programs that should be recommended to the MTWP Board for approval and further action, including one highest priority for 2021. Other items on the list should be in some sort of priority order or grouping.
  • Identify research needs that address the needs of programs under the purview of the Standing Committee. What kinds of data and information are needed, and make suggestions for how that might be provided.
  • Consider and indicate the linkages needed between your Standing Committee and other standing committees.
  • Make suggestions to the Administrative Agent and Executive Committee about agenda items and information sessions for MTWP Board Meetings